Am I Entitled to Extra Compensation if my Flight Is Rescheduled?

You should be aware that every flyer has rights as a passenger, so if the airline makes mistakes or changes your flight schedule, there is a good chance you deserve compensation. However, not everyone knows when they can get compensation and when they can’t. Here is some basic information that can help you learn if you get extra compensation if your flight gets rescheduled.


Getting rescheduled

If your flight gets rescheduled within a certain amount of time, it is legal for them to do that and you might not get compensation. Most airlines are allowed to change their flight schedule within 14 days before the flight. However, be sure to check the new update to see if the flight number has changed because that means your original flight was canceled, which could entitle you to get compensation. If it still has the same flight number, that means you just got rescheduled.

Check airlines rules

Getting compensation on rescheduled flights is rare, because it is legal for them to do that. However if you are on a flight and it gets delayed suddenly for 3 hours for instance, that means you can claim flight compensation. Each airline has their own rules, but most of them tend to follow the same guidelines for passengers rights. If you want to learn more about compensation and how you can get money back if the airline owes you, check out For example if you were flying to Spain and Wizzair got delayed, check for Compensación por retrasos en los vuelos de Wizz Air.

Which are my choices

However if your flight gets rescheduled, that does not mean that you do not have any choices. There are many things that you can do, especially if the new schedule does not suit you. Of course, you can accept the new change if it does not interfere with your plans. However, you may ask the airline to give you an alternative flight without a charge because the new schedule might be too inconvenient for you or if the route changed.

You may also ask the airline to cancel your flight entirely if you do not want to fly with that airline anymore. However, you should be aware that they should give you a full refund since you did not use the ticket. Be careful before you book a flight with some airlines, some may not give you a refund when you cancel it! It is always important to read the terms and conditions of the airline because you buy a ticket from them.

Best options

You should know that all these methods do come with a time limit. You have to get an alternative flight or cancel your current flight and get a refund as soon as possible. If you do not do these things, the airline will think you will still fly on the rescheduled flight, which means that you will not get money back or will be stuck with an inconvenient flight.

If your flight is rescheduled, you should know how to get around it. There are ways you can get a refund or compensation depending on what your situation is. You should always know that you have rights as a passenger whenever you fly.